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Backup SQL server

Created: 08 May 2013 • Updated: 13 May 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

We are testing BE2012 and running full backup on our existing SQL server for enjoy SDR.

As our old practice we would like to keep a bak files for each database to restore a database when needed.

But now we found that the differential backup will be fail if we still using SQL to backup the databse file.

I had search the internet and found that we can also copy the database file to disk through Backup Exec.

But it only generate the differential of the database for each days.  If we need to restore our database need manually restore from the full bak then restore the differential bak file one by one.

May we know is there any other solution for keep using BE2012 to backup all the data on our SQL server for enjoy SDR but also using the SQL database server to backup the full bak files everyday?

Thank you very much

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1) You should be able to de-select SQL and still have SDR.  See below

BE 2012 - De-select SQL, SDR on.png

In fact, you should separate your SQL backups from your file backups because for the SQL backups, you need to turn off AOF, whereas for file backups, you need to turn on AOF.

2) You can ask BE to make a SQL copy when you do a full backup of your SQL databases.  This will generate a .bak of the full database backup.

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Thank pkh, we are using your suggest method for backup now.

For point 2) Yes, it will generate a full bak file when we full backup the SQL server.  But it seems only genreate a differential bak file when BE perform a differential backup. Is this can be ask for generate a full bak backup even we perform differential everyday?

Thanks again

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The copy function is just that, a copy.  It makes a copy of the backup done by BE, so it cannot generate a copy of a full backup if you are doing an incremental backup.