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Backup starts fast but after 5 minutes it crawls

Created: 10 Aug 2012

Setup is a Datacenter with a Server hooked to a SAN for the dedupe files. It has 2 one gig nics on the SAN, The files being backed up are on an nfs share on a SAN 50 miles away and the connection between the 2 datacenters is 40 Gigabit. That SAN has at least 1 gig connection. I am usign user defined selection. Also should mention that this is an initial backup for the 2 servers being backed up so that may be a factor.

The connectors for the SAN's are connected to a 10 gig Cisco 3750.

The job starts out great for the first 5-10 minutes and uses 50% of the gig connection. The stats prove that out and it gets 2200 MB per minute on the backup. Then the network connection goes to 0 for several minutes but starts up and lowers the per minute to about 600 MB per minute.

We are renting space and depend on the provider to config the switches and we share the switch with other "renters."

The Cisco switches on both ends have not been configured for diabling storm control, spanning tree is still enabled, and jumbo frames to the SAN being used for backup are not set.

I have 2 seperate test setups. One with a VM server doing the backups the other one a physical server. I am using different SANs for each test setup.

There is no difference in the speed either virtual or physical. (I know BE on a VM is not supported so that is why I also used the physical.