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Backup steps for Enterprise Vault under V-Ray license

Created: 24 Jun 2014 | 1 comment

We're in the process of working out kinks in our backup process and have come up with some questions related to backing up Enterprise Vault. I've reviewed the Admin guide for BE 2014 with regard to EV; however, I want to confirm the process is the same in a virtual environment. 

We have a single EV application VM (EV1) with databases stored on a separate SQL Server VM (SQL1) that also holds several other databases. Based on the admin guide, it's not clear whether a Hyper V backup will properly handle the EV application and databases. Can we stick to a Hyper V backup, or do we need to configure Windows agent-based backups for EV1 and SQL1 along with a EV Agent backup of the application? If we have to go the agent route, my understanding is that we are still covered under the V-Ray licensing?

Any tips on how to streamline backups for this environment? Gotchas I should be on the lookout for?

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Hyper-V backup will not handle this and you will need to do an EV agent backup using a standard remote agent process inside the VMs.

For the licensing part of the question tech support don't deal with the legallity side of this so you might need to speak to custoemr care.

Note be aware that the latest versions of EV need BE 2014 to be supported.