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Backup is taking too much time - transfer rate is very low

Created: 26 Aug 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

We are facing problem we have two file servers and we scheduled the backup jobs in backup exec 2010, backup on server1 is very slow it takes 16hours to complete becuase transfer rate is 65Mbps and 2nd server backup is faster than server1. the backup size is around 120GB it is file level backup. can anyone advise what could be the problem

we checked the following on server1

No Network problem

we changed the tap slot but same problem

hardware resources are enough



Operating Systems:

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Make exclusions for the Backup Exec processes if you have any antivirus program running, it might be scanning the server while the backup is going.  

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If you have a lot of small files, then your backup will be slow.

Also, check that your disk is not fragmented's picture

hope network issue..

plz try tracert from both side. and route print from both side. you have have vlan issue.


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Are you running the backup's to a disk device or tape drive?

Check if you have multiple LAN on your network and check which network has been selected in the problematic file server backup job.

Try copying 5 GB file from the file server to media server and check how long it takes to complete the transfer.

Try running the Windows NT backup from the problematic file server and check, it will help on isolating operating system related problems.

If the backup jobs are running to a disk device, check what is the concurrent job is set to?

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Thanks all of you.

i will check all your suggestions and let you know, we are taking backup in tap.