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Backup to Tape!

Created: 16 Oct 2012 • Updated: 28 Oct 2012 | 8 comments
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I am currently testing with backuping to tape from Disk ( Disk-Disk-Tape). I use 1 tape LT05 to duplicate weekday incremental backup from disk to tape ( I don't have much thing to backup so 1 tape LT05 is more than enough, i have no problem with space on tape). Backup job is set to Append to Media, overwrite if no appendable media is available

I create a Daily media set:

overwrite protection period : 1 weeks

Append period : infinite - allow append

On Monday, BE2012 backup to tape properly. However on the following day, it always shows 3 messages below:

1. Please remove the media from the drive

2. Media 'daily'' is overwrite protected and The media in drive 'Tape drive 0001' is currently allocated and is not available for overwrite operations.

3. Please insert overwritable media into the drive.

Can anyone help me with appending data to tape backup ?


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Tho Le's picture

thanks PHK for your article, it helps me to clarify some issues. However i am still not sure how i will set up back up for tape for example:

Daily backup from 2 - 6 : 

  • ​Media set : Daily - 5tapes from Monday to Friday tape ( OPP : 6days, append period : infinite)
  • Job 1 to backup several VMware servers
  • Job 2 to backup other stuff ( presumably job2 just start after job 1 finish)

So my understand is : 

On Monday :

Job1 backup to tape MONDAY and then set OPP for 6 days later

Job2 backup to tape MONDAY as well but the tape is overwrite protection, so Job 2 will append to tape MONDAY because it is  job2s first tape

On Tuesday:

Job1 backup to Tape TUE and then set OPP for 6 days later.

Job2 backup to tape TUE as well but the tape is overwrite protection, so Job 2 will not append to tape TUE because it is   SENCOND tape of Job2. Therefore it will be error here.

......error for the subsequence days

Jaydeep S's picture

Dont mix up  - "MONDAY because it is  job2s first tape" AND "TUE because it is   SENCOND tape of Job2"

When any job starts, it can append to the tape if there is an appendable media available. Once it fills up that media and wants to span to the next tape, this is when it will switch to Overwrite.

So as long as your MONDAY or TUE tape is not full, the second job will append to the tape.

Tho Le's picture

Hi Jaydeep,

Thakns i got what you meaned. However i still have problem with appending to tape. For simple i just do a test like below but still have problem:

  • Create 1 media set : OPP : 3weeks, Append period : infinite-allow append and assign 1 tape into it
  • Create 2 jobs to backup to that media set with option "append to media, overwrite if no appendable..."
  • I manually start job 1. It finished sucessfully
  • Then i start Job 2. it show me information like image below " please insert overwritable tape..." I don't understand i am missing, i would really appreciate if you can help me.

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After the 1st job is complete could you check the media statistics and confirm that it is not full.

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Yes, i believe so , there is stil plenty of space available. I calculate to make sure that storage need for my backup job does not exceed tape capacity.

Tho Le's picture

Hi All,

I finally found out the problem. It is the bug i suppose in BE 2012. I change the append period to specific time like 1 week or 1 year and it works charmly to me. So i think "infinite - Allow append" option is having some problem.

Thanks all.