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Backup on two tapes instead of one (BE 2012)

Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 01 Oct 2013 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys!

I have an odd issue with Backup Exec 2012.

This is how my backup environment look like :

  • 1 LTO-3 TAPE DRIVE With a 8-tapes loader. 
  • Backup Exec 2012 (full patched)
  • Rentention of 1 week (6 days)
  • Append time of 12 hours
  • 5 servers to backup
  • Ratio of compression between 1.75-1.85 on each tape
  • Schedule : all backup jobs begin at 00:00

The 3 servers are backup on 1 tapes, the 2 last on an other tape.

The 1 tape still have 100Go free space and on the 2nd tape, only 36Go are used.

The compression ratio is around 1.75, So. The tape 1 should have enough space for the 2 last servers.

My append time should be ok! The last backup end at 6h00AM.

I included all screenshots for helping you to understand

Can you help me on this guys?


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Jaydeep S's picture

What is the Append period and the Overwrite period on the Media set? How are the last 2 jobs configured, Are they set to Append to media and use the same Media Set?

jedduff's picture

Hi Jay!

The append period is 12 hours and the overwrite period on my media set is 6 days

All my 5 servers have the same configuration.

Jaydeep S's picture

The cause may be because your jobs start all at one time. pkh has explained this beautifully in his blog

pkh's picture

Schedule : all backup jobs begin at 00:00

Your jobs should not overlap if you want the later jobs to append to the tape.  See point 4 of my article below for an explanation.

jedduff's picture

Oh, I'll check this out!

But, it is the same thing for BE 2012? If yes, this a flaw! I have to estimate the ending time of each backup, this is a little bit annoying and unproductive.

Another thing : the issue is always on the 2 last backups

Jaydeep S's picture

It is the same in BE 2012 as well.

jedduff's picture


I did the change, I'll reply you tomorrow with the result

jedduff's picture

Ok Guys,

That didn't works :(

The first day, the backups were overlaping, so I edit the backup time between each job.

Now, no backup are overlaping, but the same issue occur.

My append time is 12 hours. (i double checked)

pkh's picture

Are you expecting the job which starts at 0430 to append to the 2nd tape?  If so, then it will not happen.  It correctly append to the 1st tape because both the 1st and 2nd tape are appendable and the 1st tape is older.

jedduff's picture

Hi pkh,

No, this is why is an issue. The 5:15Am is taken in a second tape, but I won't!

jedduff's picture

ah ah ah, I hate myself right now...I just found the problem!

The exchange job (the one who write a new tape) was set to "erase a media" instead of "append to the media"

SO, my issue was resolved after setting the job at different time. Thanks you guys for all the support!

Thank PKH!