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Backup to USB disk on remote Server

Created: 19 Dec 2013 • Updated: 19 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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I have 500 GB share which increases in size very less.

I was looking to backupo this share via symntec B2d to USB disk attched on same server with Share.

What would be take less network bandwidth:-

USB attached to media server with and agent on server with share?


USB attached to Server with share?

Operating Systems:

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Hello there,

 Lets consider you server which has that share to be called as ShareServer and the one which has Backup Exec installed on it called as BackServer.

So is you attach the USB to the ShareServer and backup the Share then data will be transfered from ShareServer to BackServer and then back to the USB on the ShareServer.... This will consume more of your Network.

The recommendation is to attach the USB to the BackServer. In this case data will be just transfered over the network from ShareServer to the BackServer and then to the USB attached to the same server.



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The way to reduce your network bandwidth is to make the server owning the data into a Full Backup Exec media server (not just a remote agent server) and then attach the USB disk to this.

Anything else will transfer the data either once or twice over the network

Also note that if you write to a USB disk as a backup target over a share then BE has no way to track when you re-attach the USB disk to the server (as the insert notification only goes to the local operating system) As such if you intend detaching this USB disk, then you would have to manually take steps when re-attaching unless the disk is attached to the media server itself.

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So there is no way I can instuct the agent to direclty push tha data on to USB attached to share server.

CaN i reduce the overload of backing up 500 GB full backup by copiying the data onto USB manually and then creating a manula backup file like synthetic backups?