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Backup vhd files on line

Created: 11 Jul 2013 • Updated: 12 Jul 2013 | 9 comments
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We use BE 2010 R2 and we have a hyper-v server and We did install the anget on this server, I have question regarding the backingup only the .vhd files of virtual machiens, is it possible to only backup the vhd files by browsing to the location of these .vhd files and backup them? or the virtual server first must be shutdown to do so.


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If you just backup th VHD, there is not guarantee that when you restore the VHD, you would be able to boot up the VM.  This is because the VHD is not snapshot before the backup.

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Pg. 299 in the Admin Guide contains everything you need to know about this...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Do you mean the pg 299 of BEAdmin doc? I look at there an only see an table (5-10) nothing regarding the backup of vhd files!!


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Try Appendix H of the 2010 Admin guide

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Did you mean to backup the .VHD files using the RAWS installed on the host ?

If so you cannot.

If you have a hyper-v agent licence installed on the media server. You will see a seperate instance for Hyper-V. You can select the machines here and back them up.

Suppose your Virtual machines are saved in the D drive of  the host. You cannot browse D drive and backup the .VHD files.

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Why not, when the heper-v agent is installed on the hyper-v server I can browse e.g. to the F drive and I can see the .vhd file there.vhd.jpg

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You might find a little thing called Active File Exclusion (which silently skips files in file system backups that should be backed up using a specific method) gets in the way.

Also it is probably better to make a proper backup request to Hyper-V (which making selections against the Hyper-V objects and not the via file system objects does) than to rely on just a file system VSS request.

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You cannot backup them from volumes. This is by design. These files will be automatically excluded for backup by a feature called Active File Exclusion.

However you may disable the Active File exclusion feauture.
On the Backup Exec server open the Registry Editor. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Misc
Add the DWORD value "Exclude Active Files" and give value "0".
I cannot guarantee how successfully you can restore the Hyper-V machines which are backed up this way.
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Thanks for your replay,

I did check the Admin doc and clearly says in the Hyper-v backup any files should be excluded from the backup job.

I did ask this becuse I have a problem with backup of a Virtual machine so I thought that maybe I can temporary make backup of this VM machine to find a solution to my first problem.

Any way thank you guys for your time and help.