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Backup Virtual Machine of 4tb

Created: 13 Dec 2012 | 10 comments

Hello friends, I have a backup of a virtual machine with VMware 4TB and get an error block of vmware storage settings but I have of the blocks if it supports virtual servers to over 4 TB, someone happened to him?

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Have a look @ this KB -

I cannot view the job log, however the above KB should explain.

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I understand that Windows is problem, the KB tells me there is no response.

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There are couple of workarounds listed in the KB...In case, you are unable to view the KB, here is a verbatim ~

Disable GRT option for the backup job of the problem virtual machine.


Run a direct backup of the virtual machine using the Remote Agent instead of the AVVI option.

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Probe GRT and removing the option did not work,
About make backup files with the option if would be the only way out, I just talked to the specialist VMware, and told me that the 4tb snapshot is not recommended by a lot of space inside the LUNs.
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A Symantec systentada solution on this problem ... I can not even make the backup of a virtual machine 4TB ...

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How is this virtual machine configured ?
Is the disk on a RDM LUN ?

BTW can you post the exact errormessage, but not in a RAR file ?

And what ESX version are you running on ?

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1. They are in storage, I have no more details.
2. sending the file as it is and why it compressed nopermite.
3. Esxi version is 5.
Your support, thanks.
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Need to have some more info about your storage.

Normaly a VMDK can be 2 TB maximum. Maybe that is the reason something goes wrong.

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There may also be issues with 4k sector sizes within the VM (typical of larger drives)

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So if vmware can not have a snapshot of 4tb, worse will be able to create the symantec backup, seeing that scenario, what would be the best recommendation???