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Backup virtual Machines with Backup Exec 2012 V-Ray

Created: 11 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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Hello toghether,

i have a litte question about the backupdataflow when performing backups with VMware Agent.

For example: I have a VMware Datacenter with two ESX Hostservers and a seperate physical machine with VMware

vShpere Server installed to do the administration of the Datacenter. This server also has installed Backup Exec 2012 with V-Ray license.

The virtual machines data (configuration files, virutal hard disks) are saved in a NFS Shares which are configured as datastores at the esx hosts.

The virtual machines harddisk are created as thin provisioned.

Now, if i perform a Backup of a VM (with 2 vmdk files, max space 100GB, but only with 20 GB data on it) via VMware Agent, the hole Data 200GB is transmitted to the BE Server, so the Backupjob takes much longer.

But if i take a look at the tape which was used for this job, there is only e. g. 20 GB used?

What is causing this?

I hope anybody has an idea.

Thank you!

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On a VMFS Datatsore, we do not backup the unused "white space" within a VMDK as no need and it saves space and time not to, hiwever there are some limitaions with NFS and it is possible you might be experiencing once of them (not 100% sure.) can you test with a VMFS Datastore?

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okay, let me verify again the next backuprun.

yes, i am able to test it with a local VMFS Store of the ESX Server.

Let me try.

What are the limitations with NFS that i possibly have?

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i tried to backup another Server laying the same NFS Datastore than the other server.

With this server it works. BE skips the the "white space".

I dont know what is the problem with the other server. I will have a closer look at it.

I have one further question, to create a backup job i can use the buttun "backup" oder for doing a backup only one time the button called "One Time Backup".

If i use the second one, i can select my deduplication disk storage device and i can choos which kind of dedup i want to use, client or serverside dedup.

If i use "Backup" i can only choose my deduplication disk storage device.

Wich kind of dedup ist than used?