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Backup of VM's on ESX 4.1in BE 2012

Created: 24 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

When creating backup jobs of VM's in BE 2012, you select the VM's running on the different physical ESX hosts. If ESX for some reason vMotion the VM from one server to another, how will BE react? 

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Probably Backup Exec cannot find the VM anymore. But it's best to select the VMs through vCenter, this will prevent the situation you describe.

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If you have selected the top level, then any addition/deletions of VM's will be taken care of automatically, just like files.

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I got the point. What confused me, was that vCenter was added as a "normal" host and trying to add it as a ESX or vCenter host failed. Adding the vCenter server using ip-address worked, and then I can add VMs from top level regardless of the host it's running on. Thanks for leading me in the right direction. 

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If you configure the backup Jobs via the vCenter that manages the vMotion and NOT directly from the individual ESX hosts , then as long as the vMotion event does not take place in the middle of a Backup, Backup Exec will correctly find the VM and it's current host and back it up.

I think we have also introduced a way to disable vmotion during a backup so that the VM can't move, however I am not sure if this is only an ESX 5.x + ability and/or if a job containing multiple VMs would identify where each VM is at the start but only disable VvMotion as it reaches each VM.