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Backup window for different vault stores in EV.

Created: 14 Jul 2013 | 9 comments


I have 3 EV 10.0.3 servers with indexing configured on all three servers.Exchange is 2013.

We have single EV site with 1 vault store group and 6 vault stores, sharing level is configured as within vault store group.

We have users working in different time zone so need to have different archiving window for all the three server which is possible using archiving task but i need to create backup script so that only 2 vault stores are in backup mode at a time.
I need to know the best way how can I keep few vault stores in backup mode without affecting the users in the remaining 4 vault stores and also, when should I have indexing in backup mode.

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The difficulty you're going to have is keeping a consistent backup of the VS Group database, aka the fingerprint database.

My suggestion would be to invest some time/money in technology so that you can do the backups quickly, and then still do ALL the backups at once.  It just makes life so much easier.

When doing backups you can do indexes first... then the vault store group + vault stores.

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Hi ,

When you performed Backup it will not affect End user Performes. The end users are able to retrive / restore the archived item. Only manual archiving will never work at the time of Backup , such item will remain in MSMQ and will proceed later when backup mode will clear.



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I think that you might need to re-design the Vault Store Group structure if you want to accomplish this task. I agree with what Rob said regarding the inconsistent VSG DB backup; since you have sharing enabled at the Vault Store Group level, all the archived data is shared between all the Vault Stores. Thus, taking a backup of just two Vault Stores and the FPDB at the time, if would create another issue. For instance, If you need to restore the Vault Stores data and the databases, you won't be in a consistent state since the other 2 or 4 Vault Stores would have data that is not referenced in the Fingerprint Database.

If disk space is not an issue for you, you should create separates Vault Store Groups for each timezone, which involves moving archives from one Vault store to another. There are storage devices that performs data deduplication that could help you with storage savings as well. Otherwise, I would not recommend taking backup in only 2 Vault Stores at the time.

Setting up the scripts is not a complex task. With powershell scripts you can easily set/clear backup mode on the Vault Stores, Vault Stores Groups or indexes. This TN has more info regarding the PS scripts:

Hope this helps !!

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I agree with your suggestions and will try to have seperate Vault Store Groups for each time-zone instead of having one vault store group inorder to avoid any issues further.

However, when should I backup the index since index will be configured on each server with 2 vault store group and at a time ony one vault store group will be in backup mode and other in write mode .

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If you have one indexing service for two Vault Stores groups, there is no way to control where EV would create an index from one VS or another. You could add a new indexing service in a new EV server and create a provisioning group where you override the 'Archiving Default' settings (Override the inherited Indexing Service) to force all the index archives on that specific provisioning group to be created in a specific indexing service. Then, you can set backup mode in one VS and index service at the same time without affecting the others archives and/or indexes.

I hope this helps!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

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Dear ,

If I am not wrong then this means that I should have seperate indexing server installed.

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Yes, that is correct. Based on what you want to do, which is set backup mode in a VS and set backup mode in the index locations where you have all the archives in that particular Vault Store then yes, you need a separate indexing service to handle the archives in that Vault Store. Otherwise, EV will place all the indexes in the same index location (i.e. index1 - index8).

I hope this helps

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

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I decided to have single EV site with 1 Vault Store Group  and 6 vault stores, but sharing level to be configured within vault stores to avoid inconsistent of VSG DB backup.Please let me know if I am correct in this.

Regarding indexing, I will split the users based on different time zone on 3 EV servers, so as to run the archivng and backup after their respective office hours to avoid any impact on users.


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Hi there...

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