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Backup2Disc job suspends for every bkf-file

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 15 Apr 2013 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


we have an BE2012-MMS-Server (Win 2003 R2) in FarEast, connected succesfully to the CAS in Europe. This is the only server there, so he has to backup himself. Services: SQL 2008 Express and Files. Backupstorage is an Buffalo Linkstation NAS (2x2 TB, RAID 1). Gigabit connection. Backupfilesize in BE is set to 1GB.

Now I have start a backup2disc-job for Files only (no SQL etc). But the job is queued for about 35 minutes; then backup with about 400 - 500 MB/min the 1GB bkf-file; then hung for 35 minutes; then backup with 400 -500 MB/min; then hung for 35 minutes; and so on. During hung, the status is displayed as "Loading media"

In about 29 hours he backuped about 30 GB. On the NAS I can see a 1GB bkf-File stored every 40 Minutes.

With a locally attached USB-Disc the same issue.

Manually copying files to NAS and USB-disc runs much faster, as expected.

A one-file testjob ended successfully after 45 minutes.

BE is up to date. No entrys in the systemlog. Same issue when increasing to 4GB bkf-Files.

I'm clueless :(

thanks for helping

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CraigV's picture fast is your line? an MMS sends data and information to the CASO ever x-minutes (I think it is 30 minutes by default), and there are different line speeds to configure. I suspect that the updates being sent to the CASO server might be causing the slow down, especially if this is needed in order to update catalogs etc.

You might want to refer to the TNs below for further information:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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if have changend the settings and restart the services on MMS:

  • Connection Setting: slow
  • Monitoring: No
  • Display alerts: Yes
  • Notification after: 30 seconds
  • Storage and Media-DB: Managed BE Server
  • Keep catalog on: Managed BE Server (distributed)
  • Cloud: disabled

Same issue.

Connection is stable: 2 Mbit/s; Ping: 320ms


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...and you're not perhaps replicating the *.bkf files to your CASO are you?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I don't think so.

Is this a special option? where can I check this?

Or do you mean a "duplicate" job? - then no!

In the BEDATA-Folder on the CAS are no bkf-files.


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good morning.

some more informations:

  • no improvement after restarting services on CAS
  • canceling a job also takes about 20 minutes
  • no entries in eventlog

I read about the "loading media" issue in the forum. but without the right circumstances.

Should I install the BE-Server without the MMC option > standalone?

Are there special logs to check?

CraigV's picture can try making the server a stand-alone server to see if this resolves the issue. If it does, you can always re-add it to the CASO.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Run the utility below against the NAS and see whether there is any error.


Also, try disabling the RAID on your NAS and see what happens.

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Not sure how feasible this is - but to prove whether or not it is thee CAS on the slow link causing the problem you should perhaps make the MMS stand alone again and test with just local jobs.

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I have opend a ticket at our BE Support. So I can't / won't do any changes at this time.

But I will post the Solution.

OffTopic: One reason to choose BE, was to centrally manage all the remote backups worldwide. But if a slow connection to the CAS is the problem, I have to change the concept.

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after deleting the server in CASO and making him to standalone, the backup runs as fast as expected. job starts after 2 minutes and no lag between the files.

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we now changed the installation, that only reports are send to the CAS. this also runs fast enough.

now we can't manage jobs on the CAS; only on the MMS itself. but this is a solution that is working for us.