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Backupexec 10d

Created: 07 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

Thank you all in advanceI have a win 2003 server sp2 x86 (32bit server)

It has Backupexec 10d loaded. I will be upgrading to the latest backupexec once I find my product license key folder.

The question is the server also has MS SQL server 2005 loaded. Does Backupexec need this SQL install. I didn't build the server so I need a clear answer.

Does BackupExcec use it for anything.

I use this server as the main backup server which has our tape drive connected, so it backs up itself and 3 other remote servers within the same cabinet.

When I go out to the SQL Server config manager window i see SQL SERVER Configuration Manager\SQL Server 2005 network Config\Protocols for this SQL server needed. Is it part of the BAckupexec initial install, can I delete this instance of the 2005 SQL server as it represents a big security hole in our scan.   thank you!!

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Hello,  Backup exec needs to run with SQL to manage its database and it is usually installed with SQL express. I believe 10d should be using SQL Express 2000 for its database.  I am not sure why you are seeing SQL Server 2005 installed.  Though it is not the supported version of SQL Express, maybe it was configured to run with Backup Exec or there was a previous install of Backup Exec 2010 (a trial version)?

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If you can't find your license certificate, you can contact the Symantec licensing department. They have a database with all customers and licenses and will be able to resend them.

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It has Backupexec 10d loaded. I will be upgrading to the latest backupexec once I find my product license key folder.

Your BE 10d licences will not work with newer versions of BE.  If you are on a current maintenance contract, you can contact the Symantec Licencing department to get a new set of keys for free.  You don't need to find your current licence keys.  You only need to show them your proof of purchase and the current maintenance contract.  If you are currently not on a maintenance contract, then you would need to purchase an upgrade to the newest version.  Again, you would need to contact the Symantec Licencing department.

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Hello, When you install Backup exec bydefault it will prompt you for the instance name and the instance  name you are mentioning is backup exec instance, removing BKUPEXEC instance may cause issue. If you want to confirm whether backup exec uses the mentioned instance then you can check it from Registry (REGEDIT).