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BackupExec 12 - taking a backup of a server and restoring the backup to different hardware

Created: 20 Apr 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments

What is needed and does anyone have the steps necessary to accomplish, taking a backup of a server and installation it to different hardware?  The server is a Windows 2003 x86 server.

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Your not given specific information here, first off what are you coming off of as far as hardware and you state you want to restore what onto the 2003 svr? I would think that you can restore the data but actual operating system files etc that won't happen. Make sure that your restoring ntfs to ntfs etc..'s picture

All you do is install Backup Exec on your new Hardware whatever it may be, i'm imagining file sytems will be the same unless youre doing something crazy there

Install some hardware for the backed up data, ie a tape drive or b2d device or whatever you have it backed onto

Run an inventory and catalogue on the new server then restore, easy peasy and bexec will like, is very solid

any probs let me know cheers

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The main problem with a standard DR in this situation is the way to install any drivers needed for the new hardware to the old. restored OS

BackupExec  does not  really handle this very well


Both of these talk about using IDR, but should apply to non-IDR as well

The answer from Symantec, of course, is to purchase System Recovery, designed to support recovery to non-similar hardware   |8^)

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