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BACKUPEXEC 12.5 + Removable B2D Recommended configuration

Created: 23 Feb 2011 | 8 comments
Andy Astley's picture

Can anyone help? I am trying to configure backup to use 5 Removable USB hard drives on a daily rotational basis.

SBS2008, Backupexec 12.5, 500Gb USB2 Hard drive

So far I have formatted the drives in Windows, assigned each a seperate drive letter, created a RB2D Folder for each drive.

Created a backup job & inventory job for each day Monday to Friday associated the jobs with their respective RB2D folders

When the job runs it just gets Queued.

thanks for your help!!


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Kiran Bandi's picture

First thing is, you can use USB hard drives to create B2D devices. Not RB2D.

You can create removable backup-to-disk folders on any device that has removable media, like CDR-RW, DVDR-RW, ZIP etc..

Before running a job pointed at B2D folder, make sure that it is enabled and online.


Kiran Bandi's picture

Hi Sazz,

I think USB hard drive is not the kind of removable hard disk. Correct me if i am wrong..


Ken Putnam's picture


RB2D is designed for devices where the chassis stays connected to the server, but the media is removeable, like JAZZ or RDX drives

USB, FireWire, eSATA HDs should all contain standard B2D folders

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Ken Putnam's picture

Prior to 2010R2, multiple physical external drives were a real bear.  

You are on the right track with assigning each physical drive it's own drive letter, but go a step furthrer and assign all the B2D folders to a Pool, and point the job at the Pool

Kiran is also correct that you should be using standard B2D rather than R-B2D

You can use a CMD file executed shortly before the nightly job via TaskScheduler to pause all your B2D folders and then Unpause them using BEMCMD commands.  This should update BackupExec so that it knows which of your five drives is online when the backup job starts

v2010 R2 has greatly enhanced external drive handling, and I would recommend upgrading to that if the budget will permit

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Andy Astley's picture

Hi Ken,

thanks for your POST i'll give that a try and report back.

Andy Astley's picture

Thanks for your help so far, was unable to get 12.5 working with the External Drives -so am currently testing a trial version of Backup Exec 2010 R2.

USB Hard drives : Seagate Portable 500Gb USB 2.0

Configured as follows: all drives formatted, and assigned a drive letter, B2D Folder created for each disk, Devce pool created and all B2D folders assigned to this Pool. backup job pointed to this Pool. Media set to overwrite after 1 day. Inventory jobs created for each B2D Folder (one per day).Finally a B2DTest done on all drives successfully.

First backup to each disk completes successfully however second job fails it hangs during the backup.

seems that it hangs whilst trying to create folder / files on the device - am unable to created a scheduled erase job on the B2D Folder.

Can anyone help to get this working?