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Backupexec 2010 to 2012

Created: 26 Apr 2012 | 6 comments

Purchased backupexec 2010 on April 2012 and have the license details.

Will these same license details will be valid if we install on backup 2012 instead of upgrade from 2010?

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Nope...BE 2012 uses a licensing file now instead of keys. You'd import these into BE 2012 during, or after, the upgrade. They are slf files.

You need to apply for these licenses from Symantec's licensing department, or you should have them if you were notified of your upgrade.


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H ithere,

Take a look on

Backup Exec 2012 Licensing - Getting Started

Hope it helps.

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I believe new BE licences come with maintenance contracts which means that you can upgrade to BE 2012 for free.  As previous advised, check with Symantec Licencing to get your BE 2012 .slf files.

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If you have set up your Symantec Licensing Portal account correctly ( you can upgrade your BE 2010 licenses there and also get the .slf file for BE 2012 as a download.

If not, just contact Symantec Customer Care Center and tell them to send you the "Upgrade Notification" for BE 2012 including the new license files. You only need your customer number from your licensing pdf.

They are pretty fast doing so.

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Backupexec 2010 has been upgraded to 2012 through upgrade request on License portal.

Installed Backupexec 2012 and updated all the license serail number and file from the portal by download..

The installed product on clicking the The License information shows still as Trail Version.

Attached snapshot of the license information and also information on validation status.

Please guide us to proceed furthet for proper activation.

license information.jpg license details1.jpg license status trial.jpg
CraigV's picture the licensing department and ask them to upgrade your licenses. They are the only people who can do so...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: