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Backupexec 2010 R2 Installation

Created: 27 Sep 2010 • Updated: 05 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Dear Experts,

There is one part in the installation manual of the Backupexec R2 saying about "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition components

installedwith Backup Exec". The software installation will automatically install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition to the machine. We have an

existing SQL Server 2008 software running on the server where we will install the Backupexec 2010 R2. Is there any problem that I might encounter?

Should I  "create a local Backup Exec SQL Express instance" or "use an existing SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 instance"?

And will I be prompted for this message if I already have SQL 2008 installed?

"If the Symantec Backup Exec Database panel appears, perform the following steps to identify the location of the SQL Express SP3 setup file:"

Thank you very much for your support guys it really helped ma a lot.

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CraigV's picture

Hi nimrod,

Create a local BE DB is possibly going to save you a bit of admin effort than using an existing effort.

It will be a stand-alone DB, and shouldn't affect any existing DBs you might already be hosting on your media server.


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You should not encounter any issues. You can run multiple instance of sql on the same server. By default BE installs its own instance on SQL 2005 Express and recommended to have its own dedicated SQL instead of going to your sql instance, reason being if you upgrade the sevice pack or do anything on BE it will restart the sql service that will hammer your production instance and vice versa.So it is better to "create a local Backup Exec SQL Express instance

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thanks guys! So even if I already have an existing SQL 2008 on my server an then I choose to install the Backupexec on its own instance, the installation will stillmake a new installation of SQL 2005 Express? am I right?

So in choosing to create its own instance, my server will have SQL 2008 and 2005?

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Quite won't affect your SQL2008 instance...

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Hi Nimrod,

Have you come right here?

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