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BackupExec 2010 R3 randomly don't start backup jobs.

Created: 22 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 11 comments
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we have a German Windows 2008 R2 Server (latest Service Pack / Windows updates) where the German Backup Exec 2010 R3 Server (Version 13.0 rev. 5204 (64Bit), SP2, Hotfixes 180429, 176937, 191248, 194471, 195395) is installed.

Since about 3 weeks our weekend jobs randomly don't start without any error message. I think there were some automatic BackupExec updates installed...
The jobs are planned (as before), one job is a VMware ESX backup, all other are file Systems backups.
Next weekend the jobs would perhaps run without any user (admin) intervention.

Do you have any hint how I can solve this problem so we have a reliable backup solution again?


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Hi Stefan,

First-things first...if the job queues, is there an alert you can respond too (right-click the job name --> Respond to Alert). If so, check what it is prompting you to do.

You can also check this in the Alerts tab to see what has been generated.

Only other thing I would suggest is to uninstall the updates and run the backups again to see if they stall. If not, install patches one-by-one.

You do say that the server might have been automatically upgraded, but did you push-install the updates to your remote agents? If not, do so and check...


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Hi Craig,

thank you for your answer.

No, there isn't any alert or something we can respond to.

All remote agents are updated via push-install after the server was updated.

Uninstalling the updates would be the last thing to check.

These has to be the only updates which were installed:
Hotfix 194471
Hotfix 195395

Do you have any other hint?

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What's the status of the backup job ? Is it in queued status or other ?

And do open BEUtility.exe from \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec. Click on All Media Server & on the right pane you would see your media server. Is the status running or paused ? If it shows as Paused, then from the Backup Exec console - Devices tab, right-click on the server name and choose Pause. Wait for about 10 secs & re-click on Pause to remove this status.

When the scheduled jobs do not, are the Backup Exec services running ?

Lastly, backing up to disk or tape ? If tape, try backing up to disk. Any errors in the media server's event viewer ?

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all the jobs are queued and have a proper start time.
We have 4  jobs for the weekend. One or more of them run correctly! Last weekend only the second job was running. The first job, which is planned 12 hours before the second doesn't run. We don't have any error or message, that a service wasn't running...

In BEUtility the Server is running, not paused.

All services are running.

We backup to tape! There are enough tapes in our loader.
No. there are no related errors in the log. Nothing :-(

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Is the option to "Automatically display new alerts" enabled from Tools - Options - Preferences ?

As a test, see if you can setup a B2D & observe the behavior of the backups.

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Yes, this option is enabled.

When there would be any error witth the tapes, they should show up? I'm not familiar with Backup2Disk, so I wouldn't like to test it...

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mmm...if they are random then backing up to a B2D wouldn't mean much unless you swing your backups to that for a while.

Have you checked the Known Issues section to see if this is listed there with a possible work-around?

Some other things to try:

1. Run a BEDB repair of your BEDB using BEutility.exe;

2. Make sure that the next time this happens, you have scratch tapes in.


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Where do I find the known issues?

1. I don't think the BEDB is corrupt, so why repair it?

2. What is a "scratch" tape? A temporary tape which can be taken by any job?

I've found this posting, seems to be a similar problem. But the solution was to install Hotfix 195395, which we have already installed.

Seems not so easy to solve this one...

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1. Because not all corruption is manifested easily, and it is worth a try since it is non-intrusive. Besides, log a call with Symantec and they will probably tell you to do so as it is 1 of their troubleshooting steps!

2. Correct...

Maybe uninstall that HF and reinstall it and see if this makes any difference.

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Last weekend our jobs were all started correctly. I'll check this next weekend.

When they are running normal, then this thread can be closed.

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Hello, all jobs has started normally last weekend.

This thread can be closed.

Thank you all for your assistance!