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BackupExec 2012 local disk + tape plan

Created: 03 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi guys, I see there are some quite advanced BackupExec administrators in this forum, so I'm trying to get some help on configuring a 2012 version. I've read about planning and implementing this backup soluction, but I'm quite confused about Media Set, OPP and AP configurations.

Could you help me to meet the following requirements?

Daily local disk differetial backup (Mon - Fri)

Weekly local disk full backup and duplicate to tape (Sat) for external storage.

My total data volume is about 900GB and I must have 6 weeks of data available to restore. My local disk has only 2TB available for this backup and I have several 1.6TB* Ultrium tapes managed by a Dell IBM 3573-TL Robotic Library with 24 slots.

I know I may be asking too much of you, but as I said I'm tryng to setup this backup for a long time but got anywhere so far.

I really appreciate your help.


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Hi there,

You'd configure your primary backups to disk. Put in a stage for the weekly full backup to duplicate-to-tape. You can follow the TN below on how to configure this:

You should also read the TN below on disk and tape best practice:

On data lifecycle management, check the TN below:

Ideally you're going to set the OPP/Append settings for the full backup to be retained for 6 weeks, but with only 2TB on disk, you're going to get a maximum of 2 weekly backups on disk (maybe, depending on how big your DIFF backups are) should be able to get this on tape.


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Your 2TB disk storage can just contain 2 full backups.  For BE 2012, disk storage is managed by DLM and DLM will not delete the last recovery point.  Hence, at a minimum, 2 backup chains are kept at one time.  If you keep your differential backups on disk, then you might not fit 2 backup chains on disk.  See this blog and my article on how DLM manages disk storage

At best, you can only keep your full backups on disk and you need to specify no retention period.  This will mean that you have 2 weeks of full backups on your disk at any one time.

You might want to consider doing all your backups to tape and forget about disk.

Create a media set for your full backup with an OPP of 6 weeks.  Specify overwrite for your full backup jobs.  This is regardless of whether you are backing up directly to tape or duplicating from your disk backup.

For your differential backups, you would need to create another media set with appropriate OPP and AP.  You would also have to decide whether you want to overwrite your tape for each job or you want to append to them.  For a better understanding of media sets etc.  read the media management section of the Admin Guide which can be found in the BE installation directory.  This document will also help.

OPP and AP explanation

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Thank you guys, I'm starting to understand better the process.

One doubt that showed up now, If I setup a weekly full backup in local disk and it reaches full capacity, is there a way I can set Backup Exec to overwrite or exclude old backups? I've found this option when backing up to tape, but not to disk. Currently when I run out of space the backup is interrupted and I get an error message.



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Nope, no way around that. You'd need to have a larger disk available or lower OPP/Append settings.


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For disk storage, when the backup sets expires, they would be deleted in the next grooming cycle.  Read the blog which I referred to earlier.