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BackupExec 2012 is not seeing 2nd tape in magazine

Created: 26 Mar 2013 • Updated: 29 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

Hi All,

We have setup an automated job to run BUE2012.
We require 2 tapes to back up our full every Friday night. And the rest only requires 1 tape to do differential.

Our problem is, when user replaces the magazine with 2 tapes, BUE can only see 1, hence the job will sit there after the 1st tape is filled. We then need to manually perform inventory on the 2nd slot to be able to see it.

Is this a bug? I would have thought that this picks up automatically? And if not, is there a way to autoamtically see 2 tapes?


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when you replace the tapes, do both tapes Show up at the library-hardware?
do you use Barcodes?

after all, you can create an inventory-job running each friday - then bE should konow about the two tapes.

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Could be that your Append/OPP settings on your media group is incorrect and the second tape isn't overwritable or appendable.

If you have barcodes, then a simple Scan job will sort this out. It would be a lot faster than an inventory job too!


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1) If you are using partitions, make sure that both tapes are in the same partition.

2) When the job is waiting for the second tape, check the outstanding alerts to see what BE is expecting.  If it is asking for an overwritable tape, then check your OPP.  Set it such that both tapes are overwritable BEFORE the job starts.  For example, if your tapes are used weekly.  Set your OPP to 6 days and not 1 week.  This is because the OPP starts from the END of the job that last writes to the tape.

For a better understanding, read.

OPP and AP explanation