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BackupExec 2012 OST problems

Created: 06 Mar 2013 | 7 comments

When we backup to OST the jobs finish successfully, when jobs are finished they duplicate to tape. Ok the fun begins, let’s say a backup job that wrote to OST media at 10pm was written fine, then let’s say at 5am this job goes to duplicate to tape, I get a error that i need to insert OST media into the library and it asks for a ost media set that was used on the backup job. When I check my OST media I will see this media number listed but zero bytes and its listed as scratch media with a creation time of let’s say 2am. Now why in the world would media that was just written to a few hours later be deleted and recreated as scratch media? I am seeing this with many jobs every day since installing hotfix 4. Symantec support on the phone tells me my retention period is too short and i should change it but after pointing out to them that you can’t set a retention person for ost media they seem to be lost and confused as to what’s going on.

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When you back up to an OST device, it is like backing up to disk.  You can specify in your job how long you want to keep the data.  By default, when you create a job, the full backup set is kept for 4 weeks and the incremental backup set is kept for 2 weeks.

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Yes this is true but still something in backupexec 2012 is taking this media which has a 4 weeks retension and erasing the files hours after is written to. I would think that after 7 months working with support we would have a working system but no its here is a patch to fix one thing but break something else.

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Did you ever get an answer or fix to this? I have similiar situation.

A backup happens and then when the verify happens, the systems starts queuing asking for an import of media to the disk storage

When actually checking  the OST storgae in All media I have duplicate OST files...

One being scratch media and the other being attached to one of our Managed Backup Servers that I apparently I just backed up too but is empty?

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What ost device you backup data to eg dell or datadomain etc...

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The Managed Servers are HP with SAS storage attached

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Please go ahead and install

Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Service Pack 2

it has fixed a lot of deduplication related issues

Technical Support


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there were some known issues with deduplication as suggested by Kunal try installing the backup exec 2012 service pack 2 and than check if the issue persist.