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BackupExec 2012 - Rebuild or is there a solution?

Created: 01 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

Hello.  I've been using Backup Exec2012 for awhile, and have SP1a installed as well as the registry adjustment for DeleteLastRecoverySetsOnceExpired.  However, may space issues continue on my backup to disk and I run into Backup Exec finding dependencies on all my jobs so I can't delete.

I had upgraded from previous version of Backup Exec to 2012 and had moved from a tape library (auto-loader) to a disk device.  So, all of my previous jobs/backup sets etc. resided.

Due to finding several posts with others experieincing the same issues with Backup Exec not overriding the disk when backup sets are expired and freeing space, I've tried several fixes and they are not working as I am still in teh same place.

So, thinking of throwing in the cards, rebuilding the BackupExec 2012 by completley removing it, database and all and starting over or looking at another product.  Is there a good working tweak I can use to avoid a rebuild?  If not, when writing to disk, what is the absolute best way to configure Backup Exec so my disk space is overwritten appropriately so I can use this moving forward without a ton of babysitting?

Just an FYI - I do write a copy off to an RDX ejectable cartridge.

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Since you are using RDX cartridges, I believe that there is an orphan (unreleased) fix for your problem.  You should log a formal support case with Symantec and get the fix.  See Colin Weaver's comment below

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Hello.  Thank you for your reply.  My RDX Cartridges are simply a copy not the issue.  They fill and I eject and all is well.  What is filling up is the DISK /Nas solution running the main backups. I've seen the RDX orphan fix, but this does not address the NAS space being eaten up and not overwriting.  Other thoughts?

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You should not be copying the .bkf files.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

You should always duplicate your backup sets.

That aside, the space in your NAS is managed by DLM which has some other considerations when deleting files.  See this blog and my article for a better understanding of how DLM manages disk space.