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BackupExec 2012 Restore a VM on ESXi 5.1 - NOT SDR does not work

Created: 14 May 2013 | 2 comments

I need to perfrom an Restore test for ISO 72001, normally i would do a SDR restore to a VM and test that ll was ok... BUT

Due to the incompatabilty of 2012 and exsi 5.1 not being to work properly, i have tried the old method of creating a blank windows 2008 r2 server, with traditional c: d: drives etc

I have then performed a full restore to this vm (the backup was of a VM with IIS and sql server)

of the system state, C: drive and D:drive (from disk based backup savesets) - [ 3 seperate restore jobs]

These all completed fine, and the new vm rebooted

When the machine cmae back up, i could login fine, but the machines name was the same TEMP as before i perfromed the restore, i was expecting the same name/ip address etc as the backup would have had , also even though sql is there, i could not see IIS installed at all, and sql studio would not start etc..

So what has happened here, is it the same incompatabilty issue with 2012 and ESXi 5.1 ???

If so i have NO WAY of restoring a failed VM...

Am i missing something in the restore process or does it just not work...

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Colin Weaver's picture

Removed my previous reply after I read the question carefully.

For the SQL bit did you do a SQL agent backup - as Active File Exclusion will block the SQL data because you should be doing a SQL agent backup. ( and a SQL agent restore) 

Not sure why IIS is affected although it it also uses SQL in some way then that would explain it.

Also if you do a restore into a VM then the name of the VM will always stay as you set the temporary machine as this information is held by VMware itself. The FQDN/Hostname of the VM itself should be recovered to the original by restoring the system state however.

Spud312r's picture

Yes i have tried restoring c: drive firts an dthen system state and the other way round.

When i go into control panel add/remove programs , i dont see sql installed, even though the executables are there etc..

SQL restore , i can see the data files, so i know they have been restore physically, but running sql studio does nothing ... no connenction window at all.. its as if its not installed.

Also in the system server  manager Roles.. i dont see IIS, so that look slike its not been installed..

The ip address has remained the same as well, i would have expected that to change etc if the registry had been restored..