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BackupExec 2012 SDR ISO image

Created: 22 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Hi There

Anyone that can tell me where to download SDR ISO image for recovery testing.

I have downloaded the BackupExec 2012 image and have finished testing but need also to test Desarster Recovery where can I download the ISO image for the SDR testing ???

Also can anyone tell me if the function "Complet online restore of a computer" realy online gives me the ability to restore ontop of a running windows machine also WIndows OS it self ?


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1) You can download the SDR ISO image from  Click on the trialware section.

2) Sure. You can restore the entire server on top of an existing OS.  When you restore the C: drive, it will replace the existing OS.

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Would be awesome if you could post a link to the download page.  I've been all over and the file connect site, but I cannot find the SDR ISO.

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Found it... it's actually located in the section for downloading a trial version of BE.  You have to go through the process of acquiring the trial version of BE2012 in order to access the SDR ISOs, and they are on the same page as the trial versions of the software.

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Please go to & then enter your serial number for BE 2012 & you will see media to download SDR

Hi please check the below link which shows how to do SDR restore and metion about fileconnect to download SDR



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All the graphics on that SDR restore technical document are broken.  Makes the article significantly less useful. :(