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BackupExec 2012 on SLES-11 SP1 crashes OS

Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 2 comments


I recently installed RALUS 1798.17 on a Linux-Machine, running SLES 11.1 (Kernel, x86_64).

When trying to backup an ordinary /home/-Directory, the backup starts, und an few GBytes are successfully backed up. After running the backup-job a few minutes, the system crashes! No usefull output in /var/log/messages oder console or in (redirected to file) beremote-logfile can be found.

This issue is reproducable. The amount of data successfully been backupued untill the OS crahes differs. Ther are no "special" files (hardlinks, sockets, pipes...) to be backup'ed.

The only - an the very last - sign of live of the crashing server is some output at tty10:

"Reading all phsical volumes. This may take a while ...

Volume group "vg00" not found

Volume group "vg00" not found

Volume group "vg00" not found

Volume group "vg00" not found

Could not find /dev/vg00/lvol_rootfs.

Want me to fall back to /dev/vg00//lvol_rootfs (Y/n)"

After this output the server does not respond on any keystroke any more. Only a hard reboot helps.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.



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CraigV's picture

Have you removed the RALUS agent and then reinstalled it? Is the media server fully patched, and are your remote servers patched as a result?


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Chwala's picture


yes, yesterday I installed and removed the RALUS agent twice.

Media Server runs Backup Exec 2012 SP1. RALUS 1798.17 is installed on two Linux Servers:

Server-1: SLES-11.0, x86_64, Kernel

Server-2: SLES-11.1, x86_64, Kernel

Server-1 has absolutely no problems with RALUS. Server-2 crashes when performing a backup-job.


Lutz Chwala