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BackupExec 2012 thinks cleaning tape is media, expires cleaning tape

Created: 13 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Started a 14TB backup job last night. When I came in this AM, in BUE, I could see the job still running. However, I found this message on front of the SuperLoader display"expired cleaning tape, replace". So I sent the cleaning tape to the mail slot and replaced it with a new one. Sent the tape back to the drive. At that point, on the superloader, it says "cleaning" and then when done, the robot puts cleaning tape back into its slot. AND THEN IT DOES IT AGAIN - moves the cleaning tape from its slot to the drive and cleans again. So this is how my new cleaning tape from last night became expired.

I then ejected the cleaning tape from the SuperLoader and the backup job continued using a media tape from another slot.

My theory is that BUE thinks this slot is a media slot. And yes, I checked the cleaning slot box in the properties window for this slot when I first installed the cleaning tape. BUE also shows this slot as containing scratch media with no bar code which the cleaning tape does not have. 

On the Superloader, I had set cleaning up to auto clean when I first installed the cleaning tape.

Does anyone know how to get BUE to recognize the slot/tape as cleaning so during the next backup the same thing does not happen?

Thank you in advance.

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Here is documentation that details defining a cleaning slot... if you have already done so (Previously) Please try undefining and redefining

I hope this posting was helpful


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On the Superloader, I had set cleaning up to auto clean when I first installed the cleaning tape.

This is not a best practice.  I suggest turning off autoclean in the library and let BE handle cleanings.

I would also suggest using a CLNxxx bar code on the cleaning media.

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It is not a good practice to have a mixture of barcode labels and normal/no labels in your library.  As previously advised, you should put a barcode label on the cleaning tape.  Make sure that the barcode label conforms to Quantum's standard.  For my HP library, the label for cleaning tape is CLNxxxL1.

If you want to do your own barcode labels, see my article below