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BackupExec and HPD2D

Created: 15 Nov 2012

I am currently backing up my servers with the Backup Exec Appliance running BackupExec 2012. The backups go to Deduplicated disk and then is copied to LTO5 tape during the day to an LTO tape library. 

I have a few other servers that are managed by another arm of the company that bakup their servers to an HPD2D server with the HP Backup Software. 

My concerns are that these backup, while they are good for immediate recovery, do not serve as disaster recovery backups. Should something happen to both their severs and their HPD2D box, then we have no other action. 

I am wondering if there is  a way to integrate these backup solutions so that we have full backups as well as Disaster recovery. Is there a way for me to backup the files of the D2D box to my Disk/Tape for disaster recovery purposes?

Is it possible to backup servers with both the HP software and the BackupExec aget without causing issues?

Or would i have to make BackupExec the main backup utility and use the D2D box as mearly another DeDuplication Disk storage?

I would like to do one of the first two rather than having to re-architect the whole backup solution.