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Backupexec and offsite usb backups from a NAS

Created: 29 Aug 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi everyone
Been searching all over the place for a solution to our problem.
Currently running backupexec 2012 in our company and we are getting a Synology NAS next month.
Now im wondering whats the best way to do backups from the backups on the new NAS server we are getting to USB's that we
want to keep offsite.
So how do i keep the backups on the new NAS and duplicate them to a USB for offsite?
All new to backupexec so not really familiar with the UI and if you do now the settings or the setup
please try to explain as much and as simple as possible (newbie)
Heard that it could be trobule if you dont do it correct, then backupexec is looking for backups on the NAS
but they have been moved, but are still there etc.
appriciate all the help and pointers i can get.
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You could change your existing jobs to be targeted to the NAS and then add a Segment to duplicate the job to the Removable B2D folder pointing to the USB device.

Here is a technote explaining how to add the duplicate job definition

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...from my side I'd recommend using iSCSI if that NAS can handle it. It's going to get around a lot of authentication errors you might/are likely to get when connecting to a NAS via UNC path.

Carve out the iSCSI LUNs on the NAS, invoke the iSCSI utility on the server (Server 2008 R2 and up has it built-in; Server 2003 needs the utility to be downloaded and installed), and present to the media server.

Format the drive/s, and create the B2D on that. From there it is as simple as pointing your jobs to the B2D before duplicating as per the TN that Jaydeep provided above.

Do NOT copy/move manually otherwise you're going to run into issues restoring later from USB.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks for a Quick response

I saw that option Jaydeep was talking about and thought it was brilliant, is it really that easy?
Heard all crazy stories about when you do a duplicate the server will somehow Believe that it will look for the backup on the usb rather then the NAS.

CraigV thanks for your response, will certainly look into that option.