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BackupExec on Cluster Host

Created: 20 Jan 2013 • Updated: 21 Jan 2013

Hi guys, hitting an odd problem here

We have BUE 2010 SP3 installed on a Windows S2K8 R2 box, which was acting as a Hyper-V host for some operational monitoring VMs.

Our main Hyper-V cluster was on a separate set of physicals and we haven't had any issues with that. Recently we added another physical box as the number of monitoring VMs has increased. In order to provide some fault tolerance, I clustered the two physical servers running the monitoring VMs.

Since doing so, BackupExec 2010 has been unable to backup the VMs that are currently hosted by the cluster member that BUE installed on.

So to clarify, we have 10 VMs (numbered VM01-VM10) on 2 hosts (OPS01 & OPS02). BackupExec is also runniing on OPS01.
Whatever VMs are currently being hosted by OPS01 cannot be backed up by BUE. The backup fails with this error:
"Resources specified for snapshot do not have any valid data on them"

The error is the same as seen here:

The odd thing is that this used to work prior to clustering? Additionally, the backup will work if you select to backup the machines via the OPS01 node in BUE Selection List dialog - but not if you select the Hyper-V HA Cluster node. Obviously since machines may move between the cluster nodes then selecting via the OPS01 node is not a viable solution - but when I did it to test BUE did backup the VMs.

The following has been checked

- AOFO/VSC errors - none are present in the Event Viewer for OPS01
- BUE Remote Agent is installed - installed and started via services.msc (does it need to be reinstalled since we are clustered now?)
- Credentials are invalid - testing via the BUE Select List dialog works, the same credentials will backup the VMs on the other cluster node, and the same credentials will backup the VMs when the physical node is selected directly, rather than via the cluster (as per above)

I appreciate that the above may not be clear - if any further clarification is needed please let me know

The entire backup job and it's Select List have been deleted and re-created three times, and the error is still persisting. Does anyone know of any other troubleshooting tips I can try?

Sam Miller