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backupexec file backup really slow after virtualising a file server

Created: 24 May 2010 | 3 comments
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We have just virtualised a file server and seen  a significant drop in backup speed. It backs up using a backupexec 12.5 client to lto2 via the backupexec master.
The vm is aproximantly 10x slower than the physical configuration.

We've checked network speeds. The vm disk isnt block aligned atthe moment, but we're considering this as a potential factor, but wouldnt expect this to be the total cause.
The odd thing is the vm, hosting esx box  (vsphere 4) and storage shows no strain or bottleneck which doesn’t help :-(
Any suggestions on what would be the best way to/ troubleshoot get an answer.....


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Backing up the VM is a 2 way process with 12.5 so it will definately take longer then the physcial machine.The way it works for the vm on the esx is:

1> the BE talks to the remote agent
2>Remote agent talks to the VCB installed on local server or remote server(depends which one is proxy server)
3>The VCB talks to the vm machine and takes a snapshot of it.
4> That snapshot is exported to local media server or proxy server(whichever is your proxy server)
5>Then that data is getting backed up to tape or disk depending upon the device.

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Hi Martin,

What RAID setup do you have? Is it fibre-attached, or still DAS? Are you trunking your NICs on your ESX hosts at all to allow for greater throughput, or is it a stand-alone setup (single host --> storage)?
Lastly, is Backup Exec full patched? If not, consider doing that as a step to eliminating the issue.


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Any news here?

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