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BackupExec File System Archive Option not purging archived files

Created: 14 Oct 2011 • Updated: 14 Oct 2011 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

A few days ago I successfully created a vault store on my media backup server configured with the "Delete the archived item from its original location after vault store backup" option set.

I then ran an archive job on one of my file shares, it completed successfully and saved approx 15GB of data from my file share.  I tested the archive by running a Restore from Archives job (I redirected the content to a restore directory), which also completed successfully.

I then completed a full backup of the vault store to tape, this completed successfully.

However, the job did not purge any of the archived items from the original location, as I expected.  None of the files that were archived were changed or accessed.  I don't get any error messages or anything that might suggest that there is any issue going on.

How do I get the Archive Option to purge archived items from my original file share?  I thought maybe this takes place as a scheduled task or as part of maintenance but it has been over a day and the archived files are still in their original location.


Michael Pare

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Looks like I figured this one out on my own.  Documentation didn't seem very clear but I found that you have to run the archive job again after the vault store backup - files are purged during the archive job.