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Backupexec job fail after move the EV database to another SQL server

Created: 21 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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I just move the Enterprise Vault Database to a new SQL 2008 server by using this technote: The database move success and EV works normally. 

Then I install agent on new SQL server and edit the EV backup job in backupexec, change it backup the EV database from new SQL database. Run the test credentials is OK.

However, the job was failed and error is "0xe0008492 - Database Query Failure. See the job log for details." and "an error occurred on a query to database".

Now I only can use the backup task in SQL Server itself to backup the .bak first.

Any idea? Thanks 

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Check the TN below which details how to troubleshoot this error:

I assume you changed the selection list to point to the new location on the remote SQL server?


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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On this new SQL instance, are you running any maintainance plans? See if this technote helps (Ignore the differential backup part)

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Hi Jaydeep,

Just see your post. I didn't create the maintainance plan yet. Will try it and update you.


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Hi Jaydeep

I tried to follow the TN to create maintainance plan to backup the Transaction Log. The job can backup normally. However,the backup exec job still failed


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Hi CraigV

Yes. I have changed the selection list and point to the new SQL server already. And the error message is from the new SQL server EV databases.

I have read this TN, in the SQL/SharePoint Backup: section, most of them are different with my case. I am running full backup on the SQL 2008. The most similar one is But I don't have error value "v-79-57344-37942". I followed it to check MDAC version and restrict anonymous key but error still occur


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are you using EV agent to backup this EV databases, it could be because of the agent being used.. if you are trying to back it up under SQL instance I would suggest you to browse the EV resources under enterprise vault and try backing up the databases from there

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Hi Mue

I am backup the EV resource under the enterprise vault already


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Could you try to clear NRDS entries from backup exec databse ?
Follow the below mentioned setps for the same: 
On the Backup Server:
1. Launch SSMS (Management Studio)
2. Open the BEDB
(Beofre performing the follwoing steps, take backup of your BEDB)
3. Open the NRDS.dbo table
4. Clear all the entries from this table.
Restart remote agent service on all the servers.
Hope it helps.