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BackupExec Jobs 2012 vs. 12.5 Job Rate

Created: 05 Mar 2013

Since moving to BE2012, I have several jobs where the thoughput and job rate fall well below 600MB/min.  Under 12.5 these jobs ran at 1200mb/min and in less than an hour.  In BE2012, one job is running 201mb/min for 3 hours 29 minutes.  Under 12.5 this same job is pushed 1545mb/min and ran in 18 min.  The total amount of data is 40GB.  I have turned off enable checkpoint restart.  I have compared the NIC settings between the 2012 and the 12.5 Media Servers.  I have checked the settings on the tape drives and they are the same.  B2D gives me marginal gains but not much (244mb/min in 3 hours 11 minutes).  I did perform a restore on this job yesterday and it ran in in 18 minutes with a job rate of 4310 mb/min.  I'm not sure what else to look at.  I have another similar job backing up 474 GB in 13+ hours.  I would really like to get these backup windows down some.  I have other jobs that run and the througput is not this low. 

Another job where I'm seeing low job rate and longer backup times with with our Domain Controllers.  Any suggestions on options to reduce time and increase the job rate throughput?

I am looking at the Performance Tuning Guide and some other postings with similar questions but nothing I've tried has helped.   

 Any suggestions on what else I can look at?

Thank you for your time and reply.

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