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BackupExec SQL Backup - Problems after MS Update KB921896

Created: 07 Mar 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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We have a server running:

Server 2003 x64 with SP2
Exchange 2007 SP1
Backup Exec 11d rev 7170 with SP2 + Hotfixes 31 to 37 and 39 & 39

Our last few nightly backups have failed with a slew of errors related to backing up the SQL Server DBs used by Backup Exec.

The BE job starts at 22:00.  In the Application log, the first error I see  is from SQLVDI, event ID1:

SQLVDI: Loc=SVDS::Open. Desc=Open(control). ErrorCode=(2)The system cannot
find the file specified.
. Process=6648. Thread=5388. Server. Instance=BKUPEXEC.
Next is Event ID 3201 from MSSQL$BKUPEXEC:
Cannot open backup device
'BE_SQLAgent-msdb__1f2acb8b_bad7_4ad6_a015_73110187b136_'. Operating system
error 0x80070002(error not found).

Then 3401 from MSSQL$BKUPEXEC:

BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE msdb. Check the backup  application log for detailed messages.

From 22:31:55 to 22:33:05 I see approx 45 errors from SQLVDI, Backup Exec
and MSSQL$BKUPEXEC - 3201, 57859 and 1.

I have a hunch it is related to a hotfix installed via Windows Update - KB921896 ("Updated for Windows Internal Database).  Windows Update reckons it is installed & I can uninstall it via Add/Remove but I can't see (I have
"Show Updates" ticked).  There are no updates shown as a sub-group for MS SQL Server 2005.

Any thoughts?  I have a question in with MS about KB921896 possibly not being installed correctly. I can see an entry in the System Log from the WU Agent saying:

Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following
update: Update for Windows Internal Database (KB921896)

That was installed on the 20th Feb at 13:27 with KB890830, 943055, 942831, 940636, 944533 and 942830.

The server wasn't rebooted until 17:01 on the 28th February.  That night the backup start to fail.  Hmm!  Other than the above updates, no other changes have been made.
I rebooted the server again prior to last night's backup but the errors still occur.
Anyone else seen this?