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Backuping problems (maybe licensing and installation problems also)

Created: 07 Sep 2012 | 6 comments


I have problems installing / using BEX 2012. Maybe I just don't get it.

Environment: 4 Hyper-V virtualized machines which run Win 2008 R2, one of them has Exchange and on one of them i want to backup SQL. I import licenses (1 winows agent and 2 agents for applications), install BEX. When pushing remote agents it only allows me to install Agent for Winows, I see no other options.

How can I install Exchange agent and SQL agent? Or better ... where I'm doing it wrong?


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Agent for Windows is all you need, when installed on an Exchange server, it works as Exchange agent. When installed on a SQL server, it works as a SQL Agent, and so on..  :)

Hope this helps!

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To backup Exchange or SQL you need to install Remote Agent for Windows on the target machine

and relevant licenses on the BE media server. Its the license key which enables the remote agent 

to backup applications. So the Exchange agent or SQL agent is nothing but the license key which 

you need to import on the Media server.

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Thanks. One problem down, few to go. :)

1. Does it matter (in licensing point of view) if machine is virtual or physical?

2. Backup job of Exchange finishes with this: The job failed with the following error: For this operation, the Backup Exec Virtual File Filter (VFF) driver must be installed on the Backup Exec server.  The VFF driver is installed when you install any of the following Backup Exec agents or options:

Exchange Agent
Active Directory Recover Option
VMware Virtual Infrastructure Agent
Microsoft Virtual Server Agent