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Backup/Restore issue BUExec 2010

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

I am running BUExec 2010 on Windows 2008. 64-bit SP2.   I have two seperate jobs that run each night, a Full backup of my Exchange 2010 Information Store and an incremental backup of my Windows 2008 file share.  These are two seperate servers (file and exchange with backup running on a third).  There is about an hour time lapse between the file server backup completing and the Exchange server backup beginning. 

The problem...I try to do a restore from the incremental file.  When I select an individual file for restore (does not matter which file is selected) the Public Folder store in the Exchange becomes selected and a restore for the file server cannot be completed (as the job tries to restore Exchange).

ITEM TO NOTE: Each of the failed attempts to complete a file server restore involves a SUCCESSFUL backup of the File server, but a failed attempt at the Exchange server, but NOT every failed Exchange server job causes the file restore issue.    

Every couple of days the Exchange backup will fail with "0xe00084f9 - A communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the remote agent.  Final error category: Resource Errors."  The byte count and the time elapsed of a failed job is the same as a successful job.  The timing of the failed jobs is not consistant.  I have had the jobs fail 1out of 5 days or run successfully for two weeks.  I have other Exchange jobs that run on weekends and monthly that are full server backups (file and Info store) and have never had an issue (same account is used for these).  I have searched the forums to troubleshoot the 0xe00084f9 error.  I have found nothing that corrects it (the account that is used to backup Exchange has all the required rights/mailboxes).

So, to summarize, I have a restore from one job that picks files from another.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If restoring from tape, GRT restore of Exchange involves "staging". This would stage the entire IS on disk & then extract the individual item. One way to avoid this is to duplicate the backup sets from tape to disk & then do a GRT restore.

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Thank you for your response.  I appreciate your trying to help me.

I am not trying to restore Exchange so GRT isn't being used.  I am trying to restore files from the incremental file backup, NOT Exchange.  BU Exec is automatically selecting data from the Exchange backup (which is completely seperate from the Fileserver job) when I make selections from the incremental job.

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 I have two seperate jobs that run each night, a Full backup of my Exchange 2010 Information Store and an incremental backup of my Windows 2008 file share.

You mean 3 jobs right ? Full Backup & Incremental backups of Windows 2008 server.

What happens if you initiate a restore by right-clicking on the storage media itself ?

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Right-clicking on the storage media itself works.  I've never tried a restore that way.  Thanks for teaching me something new and getting it to work.

Now the why.  Why does it work with the media, but not using restore on the Job Setup tab?