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Backups are missing

Created: 25 Feb 2014 | 7 comments

It seems that backups are missing and says they are in the backup sets even though is only a 4 gig file in the storage folder. It's happening to multiple users.

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Are you performing Deduplication backups by any chance?

Please provide some more details in order to understand you problem better. like:

What are you trying to backup?

Where are your backups going?

Which agent/option of Backup Exec (if any) is being used for backups?

How are your users reporting missin backups?

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We are not performing Deduplication backups.

We are trying to backup employee computers through backup exec 2012.

Our Backups are going to a folder on the computer itself under another by the employees name.

Hard Disk backups are what we are using.

Our using isn't reporting anything. We are the IT behind a company and there are multiple backups fully missing even though i've made backups before setting a schedule date to do full and differential.

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Our Backups are going to a folder on the computer itself under another by the employees name.

What is the point of the backup?  If the machine crashes, you loose both the original data and the backup.

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Well yes that could happen with any computer but it seems i've must have explained myself wrong. The backup server computer are where we put all backups which that drive is a external drive so we can save said files if something like that happens.

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What is the version of the employee computers?  Make sure they are on the Backup Exec 2012 SCL: Backup Exec 2012 Software Compatibility List (SCL)  

Also, this document is helpful  Requirements for backing up remote Windows Machines with Backup Exec.

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It seems these links are giving me a error message when trying to visit them. "Explanation: The IP address for the website you requested could not be found."

Edit: I've got to the website and it seems everything was setup correctly. I also have found backup differential or fulls being on hold even I never set them up like so.

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Make sure Backup Exec is completely updated through running Live Updates and the Remote Agent is repushed to the Remote servers.