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Backups Fail on 64-bit SLES

Created: 26 Jul 2012 | 9 comments

I have a Windows 2003 box for my Media Server and have 64-bit SLES10 SP4 with OES2 SP3 as my agents. We have 6 SLES servers that are backing up fine except for one. The backups start and data is pulled, but the backup will fail at a random spot with Final Error Code: 0xe000fe30 - A communications failure has occurred. When we check the server, the agent is no longer running. We have to restart the agent before we can start another backup, but it will fail again. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the agent to no avail. We have also restarted the server several times along the way. I have attached a copy of the error email that is generated.

Any thoughts on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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When to test the credentails  on 'Resource Credentials' doe that pass ?

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check if the backup failing at a specific time, it might be some scan or application running at same time when the backup is running.

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Can you try to start the remote Linux agent and enable logging on remote agent and then try the backup again and post the logs. I have a feeling that the agent crashes while backup is being done thus causing the failure.

To restart the beremote agent with logging do the following steps on the remote SLES 10 machine command prompt as root user.

1) /opt/VRTSralus/bin/beremote --log-file /tmp/beremote.log

(note: the /tmp/beremote.log can be any location where you want to store the log file - it is upto discretion of customer).

Now, from the media server(The BackupExec UI) start the backup job again.

Once you get to the point of failure of the backup job at the media server side collect the log file from the remote SLES 10 machine from the location you specified it to be written to with the --log-file option for beremote.

Attach the contents of the log file here for us to see.

May I know what data are you trying to backup , whether they are just files and folders on OES2 SP3 machine? Also, please post the version/release of Backup Exec agent and media server you are using to be more specific so that we can help you.



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I turned on the logging thing. The log file is huge so I have just included the end of it where it failed on a differential backup. It is just doing files and foldes on an NSS volume.

Media Server is version 12.0 Rev 1364 and the Linux Agent is 12.0.1364.0


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The beremote log does not give anything significant errors. Maybe you might need to add the whole file here to have an idea.

However I can conclude here that if you are backing up from 64 bit SLES 10 SP4 NSS volumes then if you read the SCL , it is clearly specified that it would only support 32 bit NSS volumes and not 64 bit volumes. Going by the rev version you have its a pretty old version of Backup Exec you have.

My suggestions would be

1) Upgrade to the latest version after support for 64 bit NSS volume backup is added for Linux.

Also, if you can add the zip of the whole beremote log file I can specifically point a workaround for you if possible.

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I agree with you that it is an old version. While I understand what you are saying about the 64-bit NSS support, it works perfect with the other servers. That is the part that has me wondering why this one server is acting a fool.

I have attached the full log file.

Thanks for the help!

Beremote 18.08 MB
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Can you tell me what configurations are the other servers from where you are able to successfully able to backup the NSS data? Whether they too run SLES 10 SP4?

I think I may be able to point out the failure here from the logs you gave. The 64bit NSS support in case of SLES10 SP4 is not supported hence the backup fails for some files in there. As, it is not supported it is not currently recommended to backup these specific configurations.

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The other servers are the same version of everything. They all have had system updates at the same time and the same updates installed. Also everything is running the same version of the Linux Agent. All of them are backing up NSS Volumes also.

This is why this is so confusing to us.