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Backups not appending in BEXEC 12.5

Created: 09 Apr 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
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Running 12.5 Rev 2213 with SP1 on a Windows 2008 Standard Server with SP2.  Backing up to a pair of external hard drives, the backup jobs never append - though there is about 370GB left free on each drive.  In the backup job's properties>Device & Media>Append to.. is selected.  The device is setup as a Removable Backup-to-disk folder.  What am I missing?

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For Disk jobs, I recomment NOT using Append.  The reason is that all the BKF files in an "append family" share a common OPP date, which is reset each time the latest one is closed.  This means, essentially, that NONE of them will ever expire and become eligible for reuse

As to why they are not Appending now,  not sure.  You are using the same media set, correct? 

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Yup, all of the media labels are of the same media set which allows appending.  What do you suggest?  I just want to be able to fill up the drives with backups and overwrite the oldest ones when full.

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Don't make the max file size for the B2D device too large (the default - 4GB?) should be good

Make all your Disk jobs OVERWRITE

From Tools\Options\Media Management  make sure that the option to "Use scratch media before overwriteable media in the target media set" is specified (the default, IIRC)

If your drive should be able to hold a months worth of backups, I'd set the media set OPP to 21days and the APP to 0

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Thanks Ken.  I'm not sure why they wouldn't append, but your solution seems to be working.