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Backward compatability--SEE RSE to GuardianEdge RSE

Created: 03 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

We exchange data between two parts of our organization, one of which has Symantec Encryption RSE v. 8.2.0 and one of which has the older GuardianEdge RSE v. 3.5/   The issue is that files encrypted with SEE RSE v. 8.2 are not decrypted by GE RSE, though the reverse--from a GE RSE client's encryption to a SEE RSE client's decryption--is OK.   As you probably know, the access utility is not accessible when the system has either SEE or GE RSE installed.

Short of using some cludge of other workarounds, like an encrypted zip file approach, does anyone have a solution for downward compatability issues of this type or does Symantec expect all users of their products to have the same version?

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SMLatCST's picture

Are you using the SEE-RS option to allow backwards compatibility?

bucknet's picture

Starting with SEE-RS 8.2.0 MP2 gives you that added option in the install package build.

We had that same problem before.

You might as well upgrade to the newest version, 8.2.1 MP4, it added support for newer hardware also.
Hope this helps.

Geoffrey Smith's picture

Thanks.  Our version is 8.2.0 MP1 and doesn't have that "feature"---why that would need to be selected rather than built-in is an odd choice, though given my experience with this product I shouldn't be surprised by odd choices.