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Bacup Exec Restore

Created: 07 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Could somebody please help,

I decided to try out some DR procedures, we currently use BE 2010 R3 to back up to RDX tapes,
I installed a fresh copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 on a spare server then installed BE 2010
into a location other than its default.

Everything seemed to go fine but then I found that after performing an inventory of the tape
I am unable to catalog the tape thus preventing from doing the restore, is there any thing I am missing
when trying to perform the restore.

My DR plan was to try and recover the complete server inc system state etc.

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lmosla's picture

what is the error that you get when you try to catalog the tape?

staningrimsby's picture

I don't get an error the option is just greyed out so I cant perform the catalog.

pkh's picture

You got to inventory your cartridges first before you can catalog them.

staningrimsby's picture

I have already done that, I installed server 2008 r2, the BE2010 into a different location then created the media set and performed the inventory on the tape, moved it into the media set but the catalogue option is greyed out thus stopping me from restoring the data.

lmosla's picture

On the new Backup Exec install do you have all of the Live Updates installed?

staningrimsby's picture

Yep sure did all updates installed but still catalog was greyed out even after the inventory was fine.