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BAR not opening a Restore window.

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 04 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

When attempting to open BAR on a client it opens, but once I select a Restore window it sits for several minutes it finally comes up with prompt; ERROR: pipe close faild.  Once the prompt is acknologed no restore points show and again after several minutes it would repost pipe close failed.  

Earlier it opened, but as soon as the Restore window opened it would promt invalid argument, but my restore points would show.

NOTE - a upgrade from 6.5.6 was just performed to 7.1 and we were also having VSS Writer issues that needed to be resolved.  Could this be a corupt 7.1 install?

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Possibly. Are you running the GUI directly on the Master server or on a remote client? If on a remote client have you upgraded the Java console to 7.1?

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I was running GUI from client.  Same when running it on the Master, but saw that if I let it sit (on the Master) for about 10-15 min it will eventually open and show restore points.  

I'd like to now say it's a non-issue, but the lag in the BAR concerns me. 

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If running the GUI from the Master, you could try create the following log directories: bpjava-msvc, bpjava-susvc

Increase logging to on master to highest level. Note the time you click on the BAR section and when it hangs, then check in the logs to see if anything odd is reported.

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When you start the BAR gui it will connect to bprd on the master.

bprd log on the master is therefore a very good place to look.


Regards,  Martin
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Please let us know which GUI you are using - Windows Admin Console or Java?

If Windows - is this W2008 by any chance? If so, is UAC disabled? If not, are you opening the GUI with right-click, Run As Administrator?

Please give all relevant info as this will help us to narrow down your problem.

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Have you checked that

Specific Netbackup Machines and Policy Type > Server to use for backups and restores

is pointing to your master server?

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What type of restore is this ? What OS and version of NBU is the master server running ?  What OS and version of NBU is the client running ? Is there a media server inbetwwen the Master and client ?  Or is the Master server the media server as well ?   Usually ERROR: pipe close faild. is a communication or permissions issue.