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Barcode tag = ABC

Barcode tag:Default?

What is the difference between the two?

If I put Default,From where NBU picks that default behaviour?

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Default is actually A00xxx (if no physical label on the tape, for example) but it depends on what is is physically on the tape.

Have a read here, it explains it for standalone drives, same applies (for the naming convention of the labeled tapes) for libraries where there is no barcode reader or tapes have no barcodes:

Here is a technote on how to change the barcode rules

so for example if your physical tape has ABC123L3

you can chose to have ABC123 as your labeled name of your tape or C123L3 or any other combination by using the media id generation rules.

If you use default, it picks it up from how it;s coded in NetBackup. You don't need to know where it picks it up.

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But what does this barcode tag do?

if i wrote ABC there?What will happen?

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I know abt media id generation rules.But what this tag does?

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Bar code rule setting


Barcode tag

A unique string of bar code characters that identifies the type of media.

For example, use DLT as the bar code tag for a bar code rule if the following is true:

·         You use DLT on the bar codes to identify DLT tapes

·         DLT is not used on any other bar codes in the robot

Similarly, if you use CLND for DLT cleaning media, use CLND as the bar code tag for the rule for DLT cleaning media.

The bar code tag can have from 1 to 16 characters but cannot contain spaces.

The following are the special bar code rules that can match special characters in the bar code tags:

·         NONE

Matches when rules are used and the volume has an unreadable bar code or the robot does not support bar codes.

·         DEFAULT

For volumes with bar codes, this tag matches when none of the other bar code tags match. However, the following must be compatible: the media type in the DEFAULT rule and the media type on the Media Settings tab.

You cannot change the bar code tag of a bar code rule. Instead, first delete the old rule, then add a rule with a new bar code tag.

Use the Media Settings tab to set up the criteria for a robot update.

See Configuring media settings on Windows

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Have you tried to read the section in Admin Guide Guide I?

Barcode rules define what Inventory will do when new media is added to the robot as far as media type and pool is concerned.

One example is cleaning tapes - their barcode labels normally start with CLN.

So, you will add a barcode rule as follows (assuming you have hcart3 drives):

Barcode Tag : CLN
Media Type : HC3_CLN
Pool : None

Adding a rule for ABC will only apply if you have tapes with Barcodes starting with ABC.

You can choose the pool and media type for NEW tapes starting with ABC.
If you don't have any tapes starting with ABC, this rule will have no effect.

DEFAULT is ideal when you want all new tapes to go to Scratch pool for which there is no existing rule.

So, if you have 3 rules:

Barcode Tag : CLN
Media Type : HC3_CLN
Pool : None

Barcode Tag : ABC
Media Type : HCART3
Pool : Nikhil

Barcode Tag : DEFAULT
Media Type : HCART3
Pool : Scratch

Then, all new tapes starting with CLN will be configured as cleaning tapes, ABC barcodes will go to pool Nikhil and the rest will go to Scratch pool.

PLEASE search Admin Guide I for Barcode Rule, then for DEFAULT.

It is very well documented in easy to understand English.

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Thanks Marriane.Will read the guide.