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Barcode reader for 7.1?

Created: 06 Jun 2013 • Updated: 07 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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I've seen some old forum posts on this, but nothing recent.  For a shop using asset but wanting to leverage the convenience of barcode readers, what is the best thing out there these days?

I saw mention of an iOS app called Barcode Essentials.  Is that pretty decent, or do people still prefer the old school Windows Mobile 6.5 devices?

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AndyN's picture

Hey Dave,

I've heard pretty good things about Barcode Essentials. There is a free version and a pay version.

You can check it out here

MichaelCiv's picture

We use Barcode Essentials, and aside from it being pretty pricey it works very well. The company is based out of Australia so the time difference can be fun setting up demos, but they are a great team and always responsive. Check out the free version on the app store, it gives you full functionality for I believe 30 days. 

jpellet2's picture

I will 4th Barcode Essentials. Love it. Use it easily with my iPhone, works with any iOS device with a camera and for a couple hundred dollars more you can purchase a small bluetooth barcode reader to go along with it to make things even faster. The per-app license may seem pricey but if you look at a full-blown Motorolla device that is supported you'd be looking at $1000-$1500 each (I have 3 of those as well and everyone prefers to use the app!)

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We wound up buying a license of Barcode Essentials along with a Bluetooth barcode reader and have been mostly pleased with the results -- most of the shortfalls have been either bugs or lack of features within Altiris but we're working our way through that.


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