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Bare Metal Restore Netbackup

Created: 23 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

Hello House.

I am implmenting BMR for a netbackup VCS cluster.I have started the BMR daemon and setup the BMR database successfully on the master.

and have even run a test BMR client abckup successfully.

I have challange creating the bootservers .My environment has UNIX (SOLARIS AND LINUS),windows VM WARE .

Could someone help with a quick hands on guide for installing/setting/comfiguring the bootservers.

All efforts is very much appreciated

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BMR boot server software is included in NetBackup server and client. You don't have to install any additional components.To setup BMR boot server, just fire "bmrsetupboot -register".

You need to setup BMR server for each OS. Please check this doc before you start to setup BMR boot server.

Requirements for Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Boot Servers:

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Thanks a million Ishikawa.

I have upto 20 solaris 10 media serves ,No linux media and windows servers for now backing up the linux windows client through the solaris 10 media servers ,

Fromt your suggestion,I need to install a Linux and Windows Media servers seperately and do the setup accordingly.

In addition,Do I need any form of reources like specific disk/storage on the servers because I want to select out of the media servers for the BMR boot server.Is ther any other prerequise so that I will get ready before intiating the setup of the BMR boot server son the selected media server may be 2 media servers out of my 20 solaris 10 media servers, 1 linux media servers and windows media servers respet.

Thanks for all once more.

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BMR boot server can be a client as well - see NBU OS Compatibility Guide:

Best to read up on boot server requirements in BMR admin guide:and take it from there....

NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Administrator's Guide

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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You can configure clients as BMR boot server, so you don't need to install Linux and Windows media servers. Chose some of existing client(or newly installed client), and configure as BMR boot server.

Disk space for Shared Resource Tree(SRT) is required for BMR boot server, but it is not so much. Few giga bytes is enough for SRT in most case. Be sure you need to deply BMR boot server in each subnet if you want network boot.

Oh, I missed. Depending on the OS, some additional OS packages and configuration steps are required. Please check chapter 2 of NetBackup 7.5 BMR Administrator's Guide.

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