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Base Expiry of Archives set to Modification Date.

Created: 11 Mar 2013 • Updated: 19 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello Again,


1. Base expiry set to Modified Date.

2. Archiving of "UnRead" items is Enabled.

3. UnRead email item gets archived & replaced with a shortcut. (Shortcut displayed in Bold letters)

4. User now clicks on THIS UnRead shortcut item. (Shortcut NOT displayed in Bold anymore)

5. Action 4 will result in the Exchange Jet Database to flag this item as "read" and hence the item in exchange is NOW "Modified"



Will the expiry of this item be calculated from the day it was read?

How does Enterprise Vault deal with such modification flags set in Exchange?


Thanks in advance.


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Thats what i thought! :)

I reckon the intelligence is coded in the program to understand the Modification of Setting the Flag to Read and Changing the content of the email.


Regards, Abhijeet Kakade

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Hang on, wait what?
I'm really confused, are we talking Shortcut Expiry or Archived item expiry?

When it comes to expiring archived items, expiring by Modified Date will typically be Sent Date.
When a shortcut gets read, flagged, marked as unread, replied to or anything that Modifies the actual shortcut, it does not change any of the archived items properties. Same as if you restore the item and it gets re-archived, the original item does not get modified them.

So if its I send you an email on 01/01/2013, and it gets archived on 02/01/2013 with an expiry of 3 months.
If you base it off of Modified Date, it becomes eligible for expiry on 04/02/2013
If you base it off of Archived Date, it becomes eligible for expiry on o5/02/2013

If you we to read, flag, reply or anything between those items, it will not affect expiry at all, the items will expire on the same schedule

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Yep, JW3 is right, I typed the opposite of what I was thinking!!blush

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Thanks JesusWept3 :)

We are definitely talking of the Archive expiry. And the concept of Modified and Archived date is crystal clear. As for shortcuts whether read or undread will expire and be deleted after the defined number of days (this part is also very clear!) :) Sorry for the confusion.

Looks like the answer was in the question iteself (point no.: 4)!!indecision

From the initial thread if we refer to Pt. 4, "User clicks on the UnRead 'shortcut' " -- so any modification happening is happening on the shortcut and not the already archived email item. Hence regardless of whether the user has "read" the shortcut and in return the Jet DB from exchange has marked this item as "read" it will not affect the already archived email item. This archived item will continue to walk its way to the expiry date unless it is restored back to the users mailbox.


Thanks again!


Regards, Abhijeet Kakade