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Does anyone know how to uninstall bdaremote?  Recently I noticed that my computer shows an icon in the lower right hand part of the system tray for BDARemote....I can't find aything on the web about it except that it is part of the ATI software or has something to do with watching live tv on the computer.  I do not watch tv on this computer nor am I interested in doing so.  There is no program associated with this icon in the add/remove program files list on my computer, either.  Is this some kind of spyware?  any suggestions?  Thanks

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It may be a malware.Some malware camouflage themselves as BDARemote.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. Thus check the BDARemote.exe process on your pc whether it is pest.

Run a full scan on the machine in the safe mode

and submit  the suspected exe to symantec

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How do I run a scan in safe mode?

How do I check the BDARemote.exe process on my pc to see whether it is a  pest or not?

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Simply replace "gold" in the url posted above by whichever type of contract you have. Or if you don't have a contract follow cycletech's guide below to submit the virus.


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In case you do not have a valid Contract ID, you can submit the file to ThreatExpert for analysis.

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Make sure you have the latest Rapid Release definitions.

To use a Safe Boot option, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.
  2. When the Boot menu appears again, and the words "Safe Mode" appear in blue at the bottom, select the installation that you want to start, and then press ENTER.
  3. Run a full system scan to see if this gets detected as a threat.
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you can also analyze the MD5 hash of the BDARemote.exe.  Like Cycletech says if it's in Windows or System32, it may be malicious.  It's proper location appears to be c:\Program Files\USB TV\, but I do not have it myself to say for sure.  The MD5 of the one in the USB TV folder is 567A859810EC4AEDB0B10AE11B26DD73 or B0D2D80C30D30021F64AFEED590A12CE.  To check the MD5 of the file, follow this article:

Or do a Google search for md5deep


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This is the best answer if you know the MD5 of the real BDARemote. 

Great Answer!

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BDARemote is a process executed ATI video software.  It may have been installed when you updated your video drivers. It is used by ATI for its USB TV tuner, and is installed by default when you upgrade your ATI video drivers.

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Hi MacKenna,

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