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BE 11d - Do you have to do a file-level backup of Exchange 2003 databases in addition to the information store selection?

Created: 20 May 2010 | 4 comments

I was wondering if anyone would know if you can exclude the file-level backups of the the exchange databases if you already have the information store selected. I may be able to extend the life of a backup drive if it would reduce the amount of data being backed up to it.



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Hi there,

Normally the Exchange 2003 database files - edb and stm are excluded from the backup as default by the Active File Exclusion setting. You can change this behaviour to back them up by modifying the registry.

I'm wondering if someone has done this and that's why they are being backed up? Another way to save space is to enable GRT for Exchange and disable legacy support. This will cut the backup size down of the Exchange information store.

Be wary though -  if you do need to do a mailbox restore or individual, you need enough free space in a temporary location to restore the whole information store to restore the mailbox or individual message. Always a pain if your Information Store is 200GB! :-)


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what do you mean, about exchange file-level backup?
Are you talking about brick level backup, mailbox backup?
You can select  the IS and the Mailbox.
If you select mailbox you are backing up all mailboxes. If you select IS you are backing up IS databese.

Is it you are looking for?





Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Thanks for your help with this. A little more research into this and I discovered that if I tried to do a restore of the exchange database files, they did not exist in the backup list. The option to restore the IS and/or the mailboxes did exist, so that answered my question as to whether or not I was backing up files that I could easily exclude to save space. In this case, Backup Exec saved me that space automatically.

Thanks again,


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You are right if you will try to backup the edb and stm as flat file they will be skipped by BE as they are in use. The only BEST way to do the backup is to backup the complete information store for exchange.Also you can use the GRT option so there should not be any problem restoring the single mail item in case needed,