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BE 12 and SBS 2003

Created: 21 Jan 2010 • Updated: 25 Jul 2010 | 7 comments

I am having a problem on an Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 server that has BE for Windows Servers12.0.1364 installed.  The backup of two servers have been going well for a while now.  However, the BE services are misteriously stopping every few days or so.  I found this relavant:

I didn't install BE, but apparently when it was installed, the install process installed SQL 2005.  When installing BE on a SBS 2003, can it use the SBS built in instance of SQL or does BE need to install SQL 2005?  If BE can use the built in SQL in SBS, what is the process to do that (since I have never done it)?  Are there any gotchas?  Will uninstalling BE and SQL 2005 mess up SBS?

While I have been a Windows engineer for years, I am not a SQL guy so I need HELP!

Thanks, Drew

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drew at NF's picture

It is the Small Business Edition of BE 12.

drew at NF's picture

Is BE 12 still eligible for a free upgrade to 12.5?

pkh's picture

If you have a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to 12.5

drew at NF's picture

Thanks for the info, pkh; I think I will look into upgrading.

If no one knows the answers to all my original questions, how about just this one:  when installing BE 12 or 12.5 on an SBS 2003 server, can it use the instance of SQL that is already installed on SBS 2003?

Thanks, Drew

Colin Weaver's picture

BE 12.0 can be used in a SQL 2000 SP4 instance (but MSDE is no longer mentioned in the section of our SCL )

However we do not recommend that you install the BEDB in the same instance as any company critical applications as hotfix updates can sometimes try and shutdown the SQL instance and it can impact the restore process of your SQL data later.

So recommended options would be
a) Continue to use SQL Express for Backup Exec 12.0
b) Install a second SQL 2000 SP4 instance to run in parallel with your application instance but be specific fot the BEDB.
c) if you don't run anything in the SBS SQL instance then use it.

Backup Exec Database Repository Compatibility

drew at NF's picture

What option should I use to fix my original problem?  The BE services are stopping because of some update.  If I have to uninstall BE, it looks like I will be able to install 12.5.

pkh's picture

When you install 12.5 you can choose the option to install the database as another instance of SQL Server.